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Pacific Sailing and Catalina Charters

Pacific Sailing & Catalina Charters’ Mission Statement

The Values

Pacific Sailing & Catalina Charters, the vanguard of the adventure filled oceanic experience. Customer satisfaction, local economic wellbeing, and an interactively personable feel are the essence of our business goals. Integrity and commitment find a welcome home for all participants of our core mission.

The Experience

A broad range of unforgettable experiences await those who have the esprit de adventure. The PSCC fun spectrum has a wide span beginning with hourly cruises with experienced (and often quite entertaining) captains to week long excursions to gorgeous Catalina and beyond. Also an affiliate of the American Sailing Association, PSCC is training and educating the fine art of sailing to people who have only dreamt they could be their own captain, and yell “Jibe-Ho” to their crew while executing precision maneuvers on the high seas. All while taking in the beautiful ocean that many Californians call their backyard.

The Message

Expense is no longer an issue for this pursuit many believe is out of reach. We are knocking down socio-economic barriers while streamlining our endeavors to bring any of the customizable experiences we offer for a reasonable price to even the most canny of purchasers. PSCC wants to extinguish the general belief that sailing and yachting are what someone else is enjoying by making access to this maritime lifestyle available to all. From young and old, to the experienced, or the eager beginners PSCC is nurturing the human experience one oceanic tour to the next.

The Customers

Throughout the fun filled services we provide we never forget the loving support of our customers. PSCC delivers happiness. We have the privilege of bringing the unexpected to the people’s lives we touch. Even if for the brief moments of a sunset sail everyone walks away with a milestone moment to celebrate for a lifetime.

The Neighborhood

PSCC is located in one of the most beautifully diverse cities in the world: Long Beach, CA. We pride ourselves in contributing to the local communities within our reach. Giving opportunities to Long Beach City College students or others striving for personal advancement and participating in local headlining events that expand the local economy are our short-term objectives. While increasing overall community betterment through philanthropy and volunteering are our long-term goals. With growth comes to scale a return to the community. PSCC will never forget the loyalty of its contributors.

The Future

Innovation and optimism will be the perfect blend to establish Pacific Sailing & Catalina Charter as an international household name for ocean going adventure….