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ASA Sailing LogoCongratulations on your interest in learning to sail, or in improving your sailing skills. The American Sailing Association is the world's foremost organization dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts. When you join the American Sailing Association, or work with an ASA certified sailing school, you know you're learning how to sail and getting the most rigorous, safety-first education and the best sailing instruction available.

GreatSailingLearning to sail with an ASA sailing certification facility gives sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities. If you choose to venture beyond the sailing basics, we'll expand your horizons by teaching you to navigate with electronics and with the stars. With our sailing instruction, become certified at advanced or offshore levels and the world's oceans will become your highways and by-ways. You can learn everything about sailing or select the things that interest you the most. Selecting an ASA sailing school assures you of professional training and the best value for your sail education dollar.


Summary of ASA Sailing Standards

Summary of Student Standards

The American Sailing Association has adopted two separate Progressive Sailing Certification Programs: a seven stage Keelboat Sailing Certification Program and a two stage Small Boat Sailing Program. The following are the general descriptions or summaries of these Standards. Candidates must have attained the stated prerequisites before they may "Challenge" or take the required ASA examination.
The complete Standards are contained in the ASA Official International Log Book. They are minimum Standards and nothing may be deleted if a Candidate is to be awarded ASA Certification. On the other hand, schools may add to these Standards if they wish to stress or emphasize local conditions which might be encountered or particular characteristics of the boats used during instruction. It is recommended that sailors planning to follow these standards become proficient in swimming, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and arresting bleeding.

The ASA "Challenge"

Sailors who consider themselves qualified to ASA Standards may "Challenge" the ASA Standards at any ASA Certification Facility. To challenge the Standards one must progress successfully through the ASA system of Standards.

Basic Keelboat (ASA 101)

ASA Standards / Pacific Sailing Curriculum

Prerequisites: None
General Description: Able to sail a boat of about 20 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision. A preparatory Standard with no auxiliary power or navigation skills required.

ASA #101 Basic Keelboat Class
ASA # 101 Basic Keelboat is the first level of learning to sail. This is a approximately fifteen hours of on-the-water instruction of terminology and basic sailing skills. In this class you will learn to successfully demonstrate your ability to identify parts of the boat and describe the functions of parts on the boat. You will also learn to identify types of sails and the parts of those sails. You will learn knots, points of sail and how to use the basic terms when sailing with crew members.
Tuition: $870.00


Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing Certificate
General Description: Able to cruise safely in local and regional waters as both skipper and crew on an auxiliary powered sailboat of about 20 to 30 feet in length, in moderate winds and sea conditions.

ASA#103 Basic Coastal Cruising is the next level of ASA certification following ASA #101, Basic Keelboat Sailing. This two day on-the-water course covers the basic sailing skills for cruising sailboats in the 30' to 36’ range, including federal equipment carriage and navigation lights requirements, safety at sea, emergencies such as man overboard, how to treat hypothermia, read and interpret nautical charts of local areas and safely operate auxiliary engines, anchoring, mooring, reefing and more. Includes text, and test fees.
Tuition: $630.00 Prerequisite: ASA #101


Bareboat Chartering (ASA 104)

(Intermediate Coastal Cruising)
Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing and Basic Coastal Cruising Certification
General Description: An advanced cruising Standard for individuals with cruising experience. The individual can act as skipper or crew of a 30 - 50 foot boat sailing by day in coastal waters. The Standard includes knowledge of boat systems and maintenance procedures.

Spend a full weekend cruising or three days of island circumnavigation. This is the next important step in ASA Certification. A pre-departure seminar the first evening, then it's off to complete provisioning assignments and make ready for your trip to one of the offshore islands. Covered in the course will be night sailing, standing a watch, anchoring techniques, boat systems, maintenance procedures and valuable cruising knowledge. This certification is a MUST for those of you who are planning a bareboat cruise in the Caribbean. A written exam is given during the off-watch hours. Course includes textbook, certification and provisioning and two or three days of cruising.
Tuition: $800 per person based on 6 people.  $3,000 per couple. Prerequisite: ASA #101 and #103.


Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

Prerequisites: None
General Description: Able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. There is no Sailing Skills part to this Standard and practical application of this sailing knowledge is found in the Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard.

Twelve hours of classroom offered in 3 or 4 mid-week evening sessions or 2 six hour sessions on consecutive weekend days. A prerequisite for ASA #106 Advanced Coastal Cruising, this course covers advanced coastal piloting skills, compass deviation, NOAA chart reading and detailed use of chart symbols, tides and currents, set and drift and other advanced navigational skills.
Tuition: $300.00 (Also available as a home study course for $180)